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Jazz Guitar Greats

This collection of in-depth text and CD lessons is specifically designed to help the novice player emulate seven jazz guitar giants. The concepts and techniques contained within these workshops are essential to the understanding of how the great players themselves work, and also to the mechanics of jazz guitar playing in general. The important areas of chord substitution, "minorisation," altered tension, chord-scale relationships,comping, pedals, and octave playing are all examined in depth. In addition to offering a wealth of theoretical and practical material, artist bios are presented and analyzed to determine the players' overall significance in the history and development of jazz guitar style and technique. The artists portrayed here are: Kenny Burrell, Hank Garland, Barney Kessel, Pat Martino, Wes Montgomery, Johnny Smith, and Joe Pass. Written in leadsheet format (notation and chord symbols) with chord grid diagrams on selected pieces.

book l5.jpg (13613 bytes)   The Gibson L5  Its History and its Players

Introduced in 1922, the Gibson L5 is the precursor of the modern archtop guitar. It was the first archtop to feature f-holes, which allowed it to project through the horn-dominated bands of the day. Its strong, full, warm sound was an immediate and overwhelming success that turned the heads of makers, players and listeners alike. This book takes a look at its history and most famous players, from its creation, through the Norlin years, to its standing today as the worldճ most popular jazz guitar. With its stunning 16-page full-color photo section, this book is a must for every guitar enthusiast's collection! 8-1/2 inch. x 11 inch..

wes book.jpg (15110 bytes)   Wes Montgomery

Wes Montgomery was unquestionably the most significant jazz guitarist to emerge during the 1960s. During the '70s and '80s he had, like Charlie Christian and Django Reinhardt before him, become a major influence on other guitar players. Elements of his style are discernable in many of today's finest players. Although many musicians acknowledge that Wes was one of the finest guitar players of the 20th century, there has been until now a lack of detailed biographical and analytical material. Through this book, guitarists and jazz guitar enthusiasts everywhere will fully understand and appreciate Wes's achievements, so often narrowly categorized as the development of octave playing. The book features over 70 photographs and illustrations, many previously unpublished.

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Cool Blues & Hot Jazz Guitar

Cool Blues & Hot Jazz is a perfect introduction to the classic era of jazz guitar as epitomized by Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell and Pat Martino. Cool Blues & Hot Jazz is the ideal bridge between blues and some of the coolest jass guitar ever played. Includes:
  • Dominant 7th Chord Forms and Substitutions
  • The Jazz/Blues Progression
  • Minorizing the Dominant
  • Single-Line Soloing
  • Jazz Phrases
  • Scale and Arpeggio Substitutions
  • Standard Notation and Tablature
  • Cd included


book a concise history.jpg (36914 bytes)   A Concise History of the Electric Guitar

A Concise History of the Electric Guitar by Adrian Ingram, one of the world's leading jazz guitar experts, charts the exciting history of the electric guitar from the early decades of the 20th century to the present day. The author covers the entire range of styles and personalities whose impact shaped the destiny of the guitar and made this varied and versatile instrument the predominant factor in so much popular music. Intended for the general public, music students, and, of course, all guitar players, this book combines scholarly research and an intimate knowledge of the music business with a unique awareness of the history of the instrument, pickups, amplifiers and technical innovations of all kinds. Thus the work provides not only a concise history of the electric guitar in all its aspects but also a clear statement of trends and developments of some of the most significant popular music of recent decades.

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The Gibson ES175 Its History and Players

The Gibson ES175 is one of the most enduring of classic guitar designs, having been in uninterrupted production since August 1949. The Gibson ES175 - Its History and Players is the first detailed study of this most musical instrument and of those who made musical history with it.

In his narrative Adrian Ingram has used a wealth of research from the Gibson factory and archives, uncovering information previousely thought to be lost; he has illustrated the history with charts of shipping totals, detailed photographs, rare album sleeves and reproductions of original log books; he has also profiled the most notable of ES175 users, players such as Herb Ellis, Joe Pass, Steve Howe and Pat Metheny, looking at the history, specifications and customisation of each player's guitar.

The Gibson ES175 - Its History and Players is an indispensable, expert guide for anyone buying, selling, studying or playing semi-acoustic guitars.

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The Adrian Ingram Guitar Folio

for Pick or Fingerstyle

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  Modern Jazz Guitar Technique

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The Best of British

...featuring Ivor Mairants, Frank Evans, Adrian Ingram, Ron Moore.

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A CHAMBER CONCERTO for solo guitar and ensemble


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  Duets for Guitar


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  Duets for Guitar


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  Jazz Guitar Cameos
Adrian Ingram

Five classic jazz tunes written by five great guitarists. All arranged by Adrian Ingram in standard notation. Includes chord symbols for improvisation practice with the Compact Disc.

Pacific, Mo: Mel Bay Publications 鹸
Book & Compact Disc; 31 cm.; 31 p.
Edition #/ISBN: MB 96750BCD
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  The Gibson 335  Its History and its Players

Gibson's first "semi-acoustic" the ES-335, which was neither totally solid nor fully acoustic, is the guitar of choice used by many famous guitarists such as Andy Summers, Elvin Bishop, Lee Ritenour, Robben Ford, Freddie King, John McLaughin, Jimmy Page, Chuck Berry, Johnny Rivers, Alvin Lee, B.B. King, Emily Remler, Otis Rush, John Lee Hooker, Larry Carlton, and others. Includes the complete history of the 335, the players, a beautiful color section, chronology, shipping totals and more. A must-have for every 335 player and guitar enthusiast or collector!

CenterStream Publishing LLC ©2006
Edition #/ISBN: 1-57424-145-1

  The Gibson 175 Its History and its Players
Adrian Ingram

Physically enlarged, in both size and content. The ES-175 book was revised and re-edited in 2007, replete with am additional chapter and many new and previously unpublished photographs.

CenterStream Publishing LLC ©2007
Edition #/ISBN: 1-57424-145-1


Wes Montogomery
Adrian Ingram

The long awaited 2nd edition of the 'classic' 1984 Wes Montgomery biography. It has been over 20 years since Ingram's lovingly researched book first appeared and remains the only commercially produced opus on the great guitarist.

The 2nd edition has numerous additions, including many new photographs and details of the Gibson Wes Montgomery guitar, together with an examination of all available film footage and music publications. Add to this over 50 pages of updated discography (to include both CDs and DVDs) and you have a veritable treasure-trove of Montgomery memorabilia.

"This is an exhaustive study of Wes and a addition to any jazz fan's library." Ed Benson: Just Jazz Guitar, Feb., '09

Ashley Mark Publishing ©2008
2nd Edition #/ISBN: 978-1-872639-68-0

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Jazz Bach for fingerstyle guitar
Arranged by Adrian Ingram


Bourée in E Minor




Just Jazz Guitar Aug 2010 Review


Mel Bay Publications Inc ©2009
Edition #/ISBN: 978-078665824-4



Jazz Guitar Ensembles 1,2,3
Mel Bay

Jazz tunes from invited composers for guitar ensembles.


Mel Bay Publications Inc ©2004
Edition #/ISBN: MB99875-MB99877

A "Minor" Blues


Blues Guitar Ensembles
Mel Bay

Blues tunes from invited composers for guitar ensembles.


Mel Bay Publications Inc / Bill's Music Shelf ©2010
Edition #/ISBN: MB99897 / 978-078666905-9


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Copyright 2009 Adrian Ingram / Ralph Barenthien / Ian Wroe


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